Giulia Damiani is a writer, curator and performance collaborator. She is currently a fellow at If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to be Part of Your Revolution –a performance institution based in Amsterdam –where she is developing and writing on the current programme’s field of inquiry Ritual and Display (2019-2020). She is completing a PhD in the Art Department at Goldsmiths University (AHRC scholarship) and has been teaching on feminism and writing on the MA Curating at Goldsmiths (London). She has taught and lectured at academic instutitons such as SNDO and Sandberg Instituut (Amsterdam). 

Her collaborations with galleries and various institutions across the world have been funded

by public bodies such as the European Cultural Foundation and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities. Her writing has been published widely in art and cultural magazines such as EROS press, SALT magazine as well as catalogues and independent publications. She has given talks at a wide range of institutions, including ICI (Berlin), University of Santa Caterina (Brazil), The White Building and The Showroom (London), The Studio (Jordan), ODD (Bucharest), Philosophy Institute(Naples), Goldsmiths University, Royal College of Art and the University of Minho (Portugal).

Giulia collaborates with performers to create collective work out of underknown archival and feminist histories. In her long-term collaboration with the archive of Le Nemesiache she thinks with their idiosyncratic investment in the body, mythology and their geopolitical location. In her performances traces become theatrical scenes, invoking the problematic relocation of the trace in other places, in the present for a future response.