La Passerella Ways of Accessing The Sea

La Passerella: Ways of Accessing The Sea


December 2013, an essay published in As is the Sea.


This essay was written for the publication As is the Sea, a collection of art criticism, cultural analysis and fiction. Started as collaboration with Philip Hoare – author of Leviathan, or The Whale (Samuel Johnson Prize, 2009) and The Sea Inside (2013) – the anthology shifts through the ocean's strata, descending page by page from the sunlit to the darkest abyss.


La Passerella: Ways of Accessing the Sea considers the sand on the shores of the Adriatic sea, the stick days of an Italian summer and a colourful footbridge with theatrical connotations – la passerella. "An infinite series of suntan creams appear under the multitude of umbrellas of the thousands of resorts that line up in front of the sea. Its water sees another side of la passerella at night, when it mirrors a trail of glittering lights coming from roaring cafés and clubs on shore."