Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch

Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch

October 2015 centre ODD, Bucharest.

Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch is an exhibition and book featuring new works by writer Giulia Damiani and artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer.

The title talks of the reflection on the notion of weight carried out in one-month residency by the two collaborators in Bucharest. The residency was organised in partnership with the centre ODD and the gallery ALERT studio both based in Bucharest. It was funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

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ODD and ALERT studio are proud to present Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch, an exhibition and a book featuring new works by artist  Theodore Ereira-Guyer and writer Giulia Damiani.  The title talks of the reflection on the notion of weight carried out in one month residency in Bucharest. This subject was chosen because of its inconsistency. Because of its open nature, always debatable, always in flux. Because it’s being discussed mostly through comparison, compressed by words and numbers which translate this property into something other than itself. Weight can be the language of our innermost feelings. It is the consequence of dictatorships surfacing on the body. It is the tournament of an association where nothing prevails and the centre doesn’t hold; borrowing from George Yeats’ whirl-pooling poem The Second Coming ‘the centre cannot hold/ Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world (...)’.

When thought upon, weight is digested through sensations becoming perceptions and thinking with- in infinite scenarios. When I say ‘stone’ I say something bigger than a pebble which would be possibly strenuous to pick up; I say a unit of measure equal to 6.35 kg; I say Mick Jagger’s heart of stone which his little girl will ‘never break, never break, never break’; I say the Medusa’s gaze, turning her nosy watchers into stone.

Any repositories for definitions of weight are displaced. This word can only be told as the subtle joint that seals corporality and cerebral activity. It is the connective cartilage. When considering weight, I can’t help envisioning it through images. If there is a conceptual understanding of this subject it is necessarily derived from a sensual experience. This stage that we have been creating ‘here and now’ makes use of language and the arts to seduce intellect and actions into new critical horizons. We have re-developed our practices to adapt them to this theme-voyage. The work of this residency made us lose ourselves in order to become a manifestation of the corporeal reasoning cocooned in weight. Between objects lifted up and mental tensions; between things dropping down and light-headed writing.

It was in this suspended meeting of possibilities that we stumbled across this weighty matter. Contingency considered as a philosophical concept has decided the direction of the project. As for other contingent subjects, weight is the chance of something that is so, without having to be so. There is no fixed or permanent vision entailed by weight, but thousands of lines of escape from which it departs. There is no hierarchy, no focal point, only multifarious meanings that are voiced at the corners of our existences; weight is the fine dust over our perceptions.

Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch is a collection of words and artworks which will be added to with new explorations in the coming years.

Images from publication and exhibition, ODD Bucharest