As enchentes entre os incêndios

*The water rivultes among the fire

Performance scripted and directed by Giulia Damiani with Jéssica Varrichio, Fonte, São Paulo, August 2018



performance at the art centre Pivô in São Paulo, September 2017


How to Sing a Prophecy

on-going project and performance at Santarcangelo dei Teatri (Italy) and London, May and June 2017


Terraces Down the Woody Mountain Side

catalogue essay for exhibition at Exhibit Gallery in London, June 2017


Unwanted Proximity

symposium and performance scripted by Giulia Damiani for performer Helena Rice, Goldsmiths University London, November 2016


Infinite Unica

exhibition and artists' book in Jordan, April 2016

with the support of ECF


Pinching the Earth, This Measuring Touch

book and exhibition in Bucharest, Autumn 2015


Sacred Potential

essay published in E.R.O.S VI 'Homotopia', June 2015


Napoli in the Unmapped Practice of Le Nemesiache: A Feminist Gazetteer

this ongoing project and book forges a supplement to women's art and history


When There Isn't Any

essay written for the exhibition Besides at Five Years Gallery, London November 2014


Shoes, Hair and Coffee

editor and contributing writer for the book ARK: Words and Images from the Royal College of Art Magazine, June 2014


An Alternative Glossary of Exchange

editor and contributing writer for the book Ends Meet: Essays on Exchange, June 2014


La Passerella: Ways of Accessing The Sea

editor and contributing writer for the book As is the Sea: An Anthology, December 2013