As enchentes entre os incêndios

As enchentes entre os incêndios

The water rivulets among the fire

This piece was the first chapter of a series of performances which will culminate between Naples, London and São Paulo. The performance creates landscape starting from the archive of the feminist group Le Nemesiache based in Naples in the city of the volcano Vesuvius. The performance was developed trying to translate and displace the volcanic atmosphere of the archive in São Paulo. Subterranean connections, fossilised traces, mythological figures, original voices and fluid images made the performance travel towards São Paulo. The piece navigates in undesirable rivers, listening to the laments of the earth, to the voices of women from a time gone by. The elements on stage ask how this landscape promises a prophecy; how volcanic bombs can land kilometres away from their origin. Lava flows anew embodied by different shapes. Landscape becomes a generative sound, a cumulative collective movement for the dwellers of the future. The performers remember an origin while being carried forward by the force of forgetting – beginning again.

Conceived and directed by: Giulia Damiani and Jéssica Varrichio

Text: Giulia Damiani

Sound work: ACAPTCHA

Scenes: Theodore Ereira-Guyer

Thanks to Le Nemesiache, Elaine Monteiro, Residência Fonte, the AHRC (UK)

Trailer of the performance at Fonte in São Paulo, 2018