Search Morph Translate

Search Morph Translate: Say Body and Rock

Performance at Centrale Fies, part of Live Works curated by

Simone Frangi and Barbara Boninsegna.

In this performance I connect to the life and work of women from the past, also present in the space. I trace lines that are links between moments, fragments of volcanic geographies that become destabilising paths for the affirmation of subjectivities and explosive landscapes. They are lines and phrases that break, accumulate and interrupt to begin again in an unexpected dimension through language and movement. This project for a narration aloud proposes the psycho-fable (a method of

self-awareness that starts from the body, practised by the feminist group Le Nemesiache) as a slow learning process that is intimate and transformative, seeking to put it into circulation and make it vibrate beyond. More images ~here~

Wrting and conception: Giulia Damiani
Produced by: Centrale Fies (Italy) for Live Works
Advisors: Nina Djekić, Harun Morrison, Angeliki Tzortzakaki

Costume design: Richard John Jones (Publik Universal Frxnd)

Documentation: Roberta Segata