~Ritual and Display~
Contributor editor of this reader of texts for If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want to be Part of Your Revolution, 

at the conclusion of my fellowship, 2022. Click ~here~ to see the book

~Heart Brake: research on a feeling expanding into movement~
published on Coreia, September 2023

~Sea Urchins Stains and the Capture of Eruptions~

Click ~here~ to read more. Published on Verge journal, May 2023

~Gestures for Feminist Transmissions~
in the volume Gestures: A Body of Work, University of Manchester Press, December 2023

~Feminist Ruptures with No End in Sight~
HKW Berlin, catalogue text for Ceremony: Burial of an Undead World, January 2023

~On Patriarchy and Feminisms: A Sketch from Naples~
published on Umbigo Magazine, September 2022

~Archival Diffractions: A Response to Le Nemesiache's Call~
published in the volume Over and Over and Over Again: Reenactment Strategies in Contemporary Arts and Theory edited by Cristina Baldacci, Clio Nicastro and Arianna Sforzini

~(ICI Berlin ‘Cultural Inquiry’ series)~; introduction bySven Lütticken, January 2022

~The Nameless Healer: Threshold~ text written for an exhibition at Trixie The Hague with Mami Kang and Antonin Giroud-Delorme, March 2022

~Let’s build a city with a woman-dimension:orography and dance with Le Nemesiache from Naples, to Amsterdam~
A performance lecture streamed live from Rongwrong, video documentation available, 2020

~Transmitting Feminisms~

in: Sofia Lemos and Alexandra Balona, eds. Metabolic Rifts Reader. Berlin/Lisbon: Atlas Projectos, pp. 143-162, 2019


Catalogue essay commissioned for an exhibition with artists Abraham Kritzman and Theodore Ereira-Guyer at Art Hill Gallery in London, 2019

~Co-Authoring Values~

in Daylight, pp. 10-15, curated and collated by Madeleine Hodge, Clare Qualmann, and Amy Sharrocks. London: Wellcome Collection, 2018 


An essay published in the collection Livro by Plana in São Paulo, available in English and Portuguese, 2018

~Mark Dion’s Monstrous Bonanza at Whitechapel Gallery~

Review of Mark Dion's show at Whitechapel Gallery in London for Umbigo Magazine, 2018

~Terraces Down the Woody Mountain Side~

Catalogue essay for an exhibition commissioned by Exhibit Gallery in London, 2017

~A Glossary of the Mouth~

Text commissioned for the exhibition Coated in Pre-existence at The Cob Gallery in London, 2016

~La Passerella: Ways of Accessing the Sea~

Editor and contributing writer for the book As is the Sea: An Anthology, 2013