Let’s build a city with a woman-dimension

Let’s build a city with a woman-dimension: orography and dance with
Le Nemesiache from Naples, to Amsterdam

A performance-lecture in which I activated the exhibition From the Volcano to the Sea. The Feminist Group Le Nemesiache in 1970s and 1980s Naples. The presentation weaved together my analysis of Le Nemesiache’s collective practice with archival materials, as well as audio elements that brought in voices from the group’s members and from US- based scholar Genevieve Hyacinthe on ritualistic approaches to contemporary art scholarship. I proposed that Le Nemesiache’s interest in mythological embodiment was set against Western patriarchal paradigms of abstraction, objectivity and separation. The performance-lecture explored the collective’s engagement in ritualistic actions and protests embedded in the volcanic landscapes of Naples.

The talk attempted the continuation of a deep-layered investment in a feminist landscape; at the same time it was a quiet choreography of materials streamed live from Rongwrong.

Video documentation of the lecture available ~HERE~ (session#1).

PDF of the full programme available ~HERE~. 

Screenshots from video documentation by Lukas Heistinger with audio-visual support from Fan Liao and Temra Pavlovic.

In the image below participation of Anik Fournier and Arnisa Zeqo.