Nemesis Oltre Nemesis Beyond

Nemesis Oltre/ Nemesis Beyond

I curated a programme of events in Naples in May 2015. The programme touched the topography of Naples, forming a region where female creativity found unpredictable routes. Between the 17 and 31 May a group of artists and thinkers from the UK and Italy participated in workshops, exhibitions and performances inspired by the practice of the feminist group Le Nemesiache, whose artistic and political actions shaped the landscape of Naples in the 70s and 80s. With resident artists Stephanie Bickford-Smith, Callum Hill and Helena Rice I reenacted and adapted one of the plays from Le Nemesiache's body of work, Snow White. Photographer Mitch Karunaratne visited the city through the lens of Le Nemesiache's activism: her photographic work was showed in a final exhibition.

Read a review (in Italian) on the events in the newspaper ~Il Mattino~

Invite and image from performance Snow White,  Naples 2015